Antiwar Right + Antiwar Left = So Excellent.

From the Daily Kos:

Citing Dr. Ron Paul’s clear and unambiguous “non-interventionist” platform which condemns US troop presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, anti-war speakers at a rally headlined “No You Can’t” called for an alliance between anti-war left and anti-war right on war and peace issues.   Organized by the newly-formed anti-war coalition End US Wars, the rally was held in Lafayette Park in front of the White House last Saturday….

While acknowledging probable disagreements on other issues, such as health care reform and abortion, two speakers noted that Republican followers of Dr. Ron Paul cited a clear and unambiguous “non-interventionist” policy which could form the basis of an alliance between right and left elements on war issues.  A show of hands of “any Ron Paulies in the audience” was requested at one point.  At the show of a few hands, a warm welcome was extended.  

“We may agree to disagree on many things, but on the issue of war and peace we are all just Americans, and can work together on this” the speaker said.

Sounds good to me!  Cooperation between truly committed opponants of unjust aggression can only be a good thing, and it’s great to see Ron Paul get due recognition from these activists.  Read more of this great news here.

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