Antonin Scalia Law School Hosts Institute for Justice Attorney for Civil Forfeiture Discussion


The YAL chapter at the Antonin Scalia Law School hosted Renée Flaherty, an attorney at the Institute for Justice, on September 26 for a discussion on civil forfeiture. Civil forfeiture is a practice in which law enforcement officers confiscate property they suspect to be involved in criminal activity, even if they don’t charge anyone with a crime. This, combined with its low burden of proof for the government, has led many to question its constitutionality, including Ron Wyden, Clarence Thomas, and Rand Paul.

Ms. Flaherty’s talk dealt with the problems surrounding civil forfeiture, particularly equitable sharing, in which the federal government shares seized property with local law enforcement, as well as some of the Institute for Justice’s court cases on the issue. She also discussed how civil forfeiture has been growing more frequent as time has gone on and potential solutions to the problem. She then took questions on the future of civil forfeiture and potential reform efforts. Ms. Flaherty concluded her talk with a discussion of opportunities for internships and employment at the Institute for Justice.

We at the Antonin Scalia Law School want to thank Ms. Flaherty for taking the time to talk to us. We all enjoyed the talk, and we hope to do more events like it in the future.

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