Antonin Scalia Law School Hosts Virginia Congressman

On March 19, the Young Americans for Liberty of the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University hosted Congressman Tom Garrett (R-VA) as a speaker. Garrett is the representative for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, and has been serving in Congress since 2017. He earned his undergraduate and law degrees at the University of Richmond. The event came about after Congressman Garrett and the Antonin Scalia Law School’s Professor Ilya Somin appeared on a Cato Institute panel together regarding marijuana decriminalization.

Garrett’s talk dealt with a number of subjects. He started his talk with a discussion of the history of the 5th District, including some famous historical residents such as James Madison. Garret then discussed subjects such as his support for federalism and individual liberty and his criticism of victimless crimes. After the conclusion of his talk, Garrett took questions from the audience.

We at Scalia Law wish to thank Congressman Garrett for talking to us. It was a great event, and we hope to do more like it in the future.

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