Anyone Else Getting Tired of the Lies?

In 1928, Arthur Ponsonby wrote in his book Falsehood in Wartime, “When war is declared, truth is the first casualty.”

Sadly this truism also applies to undeclared wars as well. On Tuesday, when President Obama officially announced his deployment of 30,000 more troops, the country felt a bit betrayed. The “hope” for “change” that many had invested in the Nobel Peace Prize winner seemed to be nothing more then just fooled emotions. However, in classic Obama fashion, he attempted to frame his new surge as part of his mission of peace. He stated that within 18 months those who had been deployed in this new offensive would begin to return home. So, for many who for some reason or another still give him credit as a “peace” candidate there was at least “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Sadly though even this little piece of residual hope about possibly bring an end to this catastrophe known as the Afghan War but July of 2011 is not true.

July 2011, the time at which the president said the United States will begin to draw down our forces, will be the beginning of a process,” [Secretary of Defense Robert Gates] said. “But the pace and character of that drawdown, which districts and provinces are turned over and when, will be determined by conditions on the ground. It will be a gradual but inexorable process.

This quote comes from an article on the Washington Post about the new strategy. The article goes on to state that the recent deployment is set to rise troop levels to 100,000 but then  the pull back, “…could be steep if everything is hunky-dory, … but ‘it could be much more elongated.'”  According to this article from, when Press Secretary Gibbs was questioned about Gates’ statement, he reassured that Gates was not telling the truth and confirmed that the withdrawal plan was “etched in stone.” But as we know Obama is not ashamed of lying directly to the American people.

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