Appalachian State Constitution Week 2014

With school in full swing at Appalachian State University, Constitution Week was an enjoyable distraction from the day-to-day toils of academic life for both those involved and those we reached out to.

Why love our constitution?

Through the use of strategically placed tables complete with pocket Constitutions, candy, and a raffle, our chapter was able to successfully promote the brilliance inherent in our founding document. We managed to persuade bystanders with intriguing lines like “Do you like beer and the Constitution?” Several people fell victim to our sirenesque calls, stopping by the table to take our Constitution quiz and get their picture taken.

Upon completion of the quiz, people’s names and numbers were inserted into a jar for a beer raffle. The winner received a $20 gift card to a local beer and wine establishment. While stopping by the table, we also talked to people about our upcoming events with Dr. Marian Williams and Nathan Goodman. These lectures dealt with civil asset forfeiture and US foreign interventionism.    


Convincing bystanders to come through the use of pizza persuasion prowess, we managed to get a good bunch of people to come out for Dr. Marian William’s lecture on civil asset forfeiture. An expert on the legal system, criminal procedure, civil liberties, and constitutional law, Dr. Williams regaled us with tales of this destructive governmental policy. Seeing as many didn’t realize this corrupt practice existed, listeners were shocked to discover this has existed since America’s founding.

Amusing us all with alarming statistics and specific cases, Dr. Williams left us feeling bitter about the law enforcement establishment. Many felt obligated to pass the word on about this institutional catastrophe and push legislators towards reform. 

Our subsequent event featured Students for Liberty Campus Coordinator Nathan Goodman. The mathematics major from the University of Utah is an avid blogger, writing for the Center for a Stateless Society and the Dissenting Leftist. He is also a Lysander Spooner Research Scholar in Abolitionist Studies at the Center for a Stateless Society.

In a short thirty minute lecture Goodman managed to address conflict in the middle east with ISIS. He also delved into the broad scope and history of U.S. foreign interventionism and its repercussions, emphasizing the destructive nature on economic sanctions like the embargo with Cuba.

Closing the week, our group found free food, conversation and unalienable rights is a recipe for the big dub. Constitution Week was a huge success, garnering a lot of attention from the university and the student body, so it looks like liberty is winning in Boone!

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