Apparently now you’re just born that way

According to an article in Newsweek, racism seems not to have an age limit. In a study conducted at the University of Austin found that children as young as 6 months can harbor “discriminatory” ideas. Apparently now, despite a child’s lack of developmental growth that allows them to even understand what race is, they themselves have been unknowingly racist and bigoted. With ancedotal evidence like this:

When he was 4 months old, Luke began attending a preschool located in San Francisco’s Fillmore/Western Addition neighborhood. One of the many benefits of the school was its great racial diversity. For years our son never once mentioned the color of anyone’s skin. We never once mentioned skin color, either. We thought it was working perfectly.

Then came Martin Luther King Jr. Day at school, two months before his fifth birthday. Luke walked out of preschool that Friday before the weekend and started pointing at everyone, proudly announcing, “That guy comes from Africa. And she comes from Africa, too!” It was embarrassing how loudly he did this. “People with brown skin are from Africa,” he’d repeat. He had not been taught the names for races—he had not heard the term “black” and he called us “people with pinkish-whitish skin.” He named every kid in his schoolroom with brown skin, which was about half his class.


…the teachers had decided to read to their classes ‘Twas the Night B’fore Christmas, Melodye Rosales’s retelling of the Clement C. Moore classic. As the teachers began reading, the kids were excited by the book’s depiction of a family waiting for Santa to come. A few children, however, quietly fidgeted. They seemed puzzled that this storybook was different: in this one, it was a black family all snug in their beds.

Then there was the famed clatter on the roof. The children leaned in to get their first view of Santa and the sleigh as Johnson turned the page—

And they saw that Santa was black.

“He’s black!” gasped a white little girl.

A white boy exclaimed, “I thought he was white!”

Its plain to see that children begin to harbor hate even at a early age [sarcasm].  Perhaps maybe its because “pyschologists” are getting bored, but can anyone really believe this stuff? The cherry on top to this ridiculous article is their solution: heavy indocrination by the parents as to what race is but that it isn’t a factor. It’s hard enough for many people regardless of color to understand that concept, let alone a 5 year-old. Thats not to say that teach children respect for others isn’t a good thing, but when it comes to race I always remember the quote by Chief Justice John Roberts in Parents Involved v. Seattle Schools:

The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.

  So much for kids being kids.

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