Appealing to You and Me

Sitting in the lobby of the Marriott after a great day at CPAC 2010, I had an interesting conversation with a higher up staff member of the NRA  (I wish I remembered his name) and the chairman of the UCF college Republicans last night. We spoke about something not really discussed seriously by the libertarian/conservative movement: our perception to the average person. Most often,  we are either portrayed as the stereotypical angry “tea baggers” dressed as if the British are marching on Boston or corporate monkeys in “cuffs and suit jackets,” as the NRA member put it.

The big question is how do we shake the radical perception given to us by the media and truly influence the common man — the plumber, the electrician, and the retail worker — who have long been voting for statists? For 99% of us the answer is be yourself! If you haven’t noticed, you probably are one of these infamous average Americans that doesn‘t typically get dressed up in an elaborate costume or suit. Obama was extremely successful in garnering support because he acted like an average American. Ask the people with whom he ate breakfast at a diner, drank a beer, or just sat and talked. He seemed like just an average guy that wanted to help the average guy.

Unlike Obama, we don’t have to pretend. Be yourself, prove the media wrong, and show people that liberty doesn’t typically wear a suit or carry a historic musket. We wear band t-shirts, listen to Blink-182, aren’t too good to eat at McDonalds, work hard for a modest living, love our country, hate being lied to, and are compassionate about something as simple about being free!

Lead by example, express yourself, educate yourself, and never be afraid to assist others in doing so. By being yourself, you can help raise the peaceful army that crushes statism’s force.

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