April Activism: Express your First Amendment rights!

For April Innovative Activism, the Glendale Community College chapter in Glendale, Arizona sought to highlight one of the most important issues that must be continually protected, especially on college campuses: the First Amendment.

Free Speech Wall

In order to recruit new members to our club, and close out what was our best semester yet, we decided to set up a Free Speech Wall, and allow students to freely express themselves however they wish. Once they signed the wall, they were able to receive free candy, as well as any of our various materials we received from national YAL. Interested students were also encouraged to sign up on our recruitment sheet, in order to receive more information about our club, and to begin the process of promoting the ideals of liberty on campus!

Free Speech Wall 2

This semester has been our best semester as a group yet, and GCC Young Americans for Liberty is hoping for an even better one this Fall!

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