April Activism: National Vs. Student Loan Debt

For our April Innovative Activism at Old Dominion University, our chapter decided to do a comparison of the national debt and student loan debt.  We did this activism in our Student Center on April 25, 2013.  The reason why we chose this topic is that we wanted to make a very clear and concise poster that students could relate too about how enormous our national debt is.

Poster of the amount of contribution per taxpayer.

 On the left side of the poster we had the amount of national debt per taxpayer.  On the right side was the average student loan debt for those people who have student loans. With iva debt help this situatiion can be made better.  We pulled the information for the debt from a website that showed in real time the increases in the national debt as well as each citizens share of the debt. Get experts to help you get tour council tax debt written off.

As we continued, we passed out of pamphlets about YAL to about 100 students as they walked past.  As well as passing out pamphlets, we also brought students to the table and talked to them about Young Americans for Liberty and what libertarianism is. Out of those students we had twelve students sign the roster to get further updates about YAL and upcoming events!

Signing the Roster.

We focused around the national debt and the United States’ spending problem, but also branched out into other topics such as marriage equality, foreign policy, and domestic policy.

Speaking and signing roster

As we spoke to interested students, we passed out flyers for our final meeting, which was the next Tuesday after tabling. At the meeting, we had snacks and we discussed what YAL was to new members who had shown up to the meeting. We also planned for events and voted in a full leadership for next year. All in all, it was a great semester and very successful for Young Americans for Liberty on ODU campus!

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