April Marks Great Start for Carnegie Mellon YAL

 CMU YAL First Meeting

April marked a great start to Carnegie Mellon’s Young Americans For Liberty chapter.  On April 1, CMU YAL held our first ever meeting, bringing in around a dozen students who are interested in learning more about the liberty movement.

During that first meeting, CMU YAL provided an overview of what we hope to do as a chapter and what it means to be a member of Young Americans For Liberty. The presentation given during this meeting can be found here.

During the course of this meeting, attendees became engaged in a discussion of the importance of free market.  We played Milton Friedman’s famous video, “The Pencil,” and discussed just how many people are involved in the production of what appears to be such a simple product, made possible by free markets. 

CMU YAL will be holding our second meeting in the near future, featuring CMU Professor of Economics Professor Bennett McCallum. Professor McCallum is well-known for his work in monetary economics.  Following his talk, a discussion will be held on monetary economics and the pros and cons of the gold standard.

CMU YAL is currently in the process of becoming an official organization.  Officers Brad Wyatt, Luis Ball, Max Vachon, Kevin Chon ,and I are currently holding weekly meetings to plan the future of the organization.  CMU YAL hopes to host at least one major speaker or event in the fall!


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