Are politicians really against violence?

Since the recent tragedy in Arizona, I have heard more politicians and other public figures than I can think of make statements about how they condemn the use of violence.  For example, Franklin Graham recently said of Sarah Palin, “Whether you agree with her politics or not, it is outrageous to suggest that her political opinions encourage violence toward anyone.”  Likewise, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi stated that we should not use violence to achieve our political ends.

But wait a minute — isn’t war violence?  I am not suggesting that we as a nation never have cause to go to war.  But, I do think that we go to war far, far too readily (despite the fact that Congress rarely actually declares it).

What do readers think?  Is there a large difference between the violence politicians condemn and the wars they support, or are our politicians simply condemning violence in spheres where they are pressured to by society, and supporting it when it helps to get the votes they need or further their ideology around the globe?

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