Are you protesting the wrong thing on campus?

Mish Shedlock says you are if you’re objecting to budget cuts for public universities — which is really protesting for “higher tuition and higher taxes.”  A better idea?  Look into the compensation rates of the faculty and administrators at your school, many of whom have extremely high average salaries. 

“Amazingly, schools have the gall to complain they are being underfunded by the state. They are not underfunded, there are tens of thousands of school employees who are overpaid,” Shedlock comments.  Consider these examples from California (click onthe image for a larger view):

Students at Texas A&M have done this project exactly, and the information they found was impressive.

According to the Battalion, Texas A&M may raise tuition by the end of May. But is this really necessary to create a responsible budget?…

The president of Texas A&M is the second highest paid university president in the state with total compensation of $551,960, second only to the president of the University of Texas. That is almost as much as the president of the United States makes!

Moreover, professors are living quite comfortably with a steady increase in their salaries over the past 5 years. The average salary of a full professor at Texas A&M is six figures, about $116,902. The average salary of an assistant professor is $72,845.

Read more — and learn how to duplicate this project at your school! — here.

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