Arianna Huffington’s Disturbing Op-ed…

As I enjoy my winter break and enjoying the final days of 2008, it’s a great relief to get to read something exciting and new that’s not professor based propaganda.  I was clicking around the internet and came across this disturbing opinion piece by Arianna Huffington.  I can agree with her on the fact where says the following: “The only place you can find an American Marxist these days is teaching a college linguistic theory class.”  Yes we know college is full of professors spouting their ugly ideology of collectivism and statism.  But they never want to tarnish their statist or own leader’s flaws.  Her naive notions claim that free-market lassiez-faire capitalism can be found in the Senate floor.  If this woman had any real sense of really defining the word capitalism she’d know better, but I really I guess she hasn’t really looked up any real definitions of capitalism, just that one that professors like to blame all of societal ills on.

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