Ariel Sarousi appointed Massachusetts State Chairman

Today we welcome YAL’s newest state chair – Ariel Sarousi of Massachusetts!

Ariel Sarousi is a 25-year-old activist for liberty. He graduated in 2007 from Framingham State College where he was heavily involved with political and philosophical groups as well as a senator of their SGA. As both a field representative and campus services coordinator for the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA, he was responsible for being a resource to nearly 100 student groups and publications in New England.

Ariel also served as a public relations consultant for a Boston development firm and he currently serves as the public relations director for the Objectivist Party of Massachusetts. He has spent his professional life helping students of principle and is excited to continue in this mission.

Ariel was raised in Framingham, MA and is a recent resident of Waltham. He is an avid supporter of both economic and social liberties and a great supporter of the second amendment in particular. He enjoys reading the philosophy of Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Aristotle and the economic principles of Ludwig von Mises.

As Massachusetts State Chairman, Ariel will organize, network, and assist chapters throughout the state of Massachusetts.

You can contact Ariel with any questions via email (, cell (508 287 9514), Facebook, or by posting in our Massachusetts forum.

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