Arizona Congressman supports states’ rights!

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Glendale Community College hosted U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon at a Youth Town Hall. Students had the opportunity to get their questions answered and hear from one of the leading advocates for limited, constitutional government in Congress!


Rep. Salmon was first elected in 2012, returning to Congress after self-imposed term limits. Since then, he has been a vocal opponent of the Federal Reserve, voting in favor of the Audit the Fed bill, and has even called for its abolition. He has also opposed any effort by the NSA to spy on American citizens, and supported many other bills that have sought to shrink the size of the federal government.

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A recent ballot proposition also passed in Arizona that sought to promote states’ rights, and prohibit the federal government from enforcing any legislation that is counter to the Constitution. Matt Salmon was a strong supporter of the proposition, which passed by a slim margin, 51% to 49%. 

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At the meeting, we had approximately 60-70 students, faculty, and members of the general public in attendance. Our group reached out to many professors who graciously offered extra credit incentives for students to attend our meeting. This allowed us to present our ideas to students who may not be exposed to the libertarian and conservative ideas that our group stands for.

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Our key members also got the chance to speak with Rep.. Salmon prior to the event and thank him for his support on many issues important to the liberty movement. We also encouraged him to stand strong and never back down.


A few weeks after our Town Hall, we also hosted a discussion on Bitcoin, featuring local experts Brad Tluczek and Alessandro Nardella. who presented a vision of what the future holds for Bitcoin in the American and global economies.

Young Americans for Liberty at Glendale Community College is looking forward to finishing the semester strong by participating in Choose Charity!

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