Arkansas Tech Freshman Involvement Fair

I started my week and school year off right this past Monday representing my Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Arkansas Tech University’s Freshman Involvement Fair. While it was as warm, as one would expect in the south during August, there was a great turn out of many eager freshman students.
This is my second time tabling at this event with my chapter and I must say this year, judging by sign ups, interest has greatly increased!

With the amount of political turmoil we’ve seen recently I think people the country over are looking for a consistent and reasonable voice in the chaos. That’s one of the areas I think YAL really shines. We have well put together stances based in solid values and philosophical thought. The message of liberty and freedom, as I and others have said many times, is universal in its appeal. There is something uniquely human about self-ownership and independence. This was extremely apparent in the people that came by our table. One element stood out to me personally, many people out there are looking to achieve very similar goals, regardless of the diversity of beliefs. It’s our job to prove to others that the big government approach to issues is failing and leaving the American people in worse shape. Instead, the answer lies in Free Market ideas and the limited government approach this country was founded on. It can be difficult to break the common misconceptions about liberty to people that have grown up in post-Patriot Act/NDAA world where essential rights were tossed to the side in favor of so-called government protection.

This mission to restore the values this nation was founded upon is a challenging, but valiant one. As Arkansas Tech YAL Chapter President, I wish all the chapter presidents and active members across the nation the best of luck this year! It’s good to know YAL has many great student leaders spreading the philosophy of freedom far and wide. Never yield in #MakingLibertyWin !

In liberty,

Walter Preston Stone
Arkansas Tech University Chapter President
Young Americans for Liberty

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