Arkansas Tech University Activism Event

Jason Hammons talking to future members

Today marked a huge day for our young YAL chapter at Arkansas Tech. After meeting up with President Skyler Bowden and State Chair Jason Hammons, we went to the cafeteria to brainstorm ideas for new ways to spread our message of liberty over dinner.

Later we headed out to pound the pavement and shake some hands. We started out at our student union, Baz-Tech, then moved in front of our cafeteria near an outdoor seating area. After a few minutes we had already got in touch with some like-minded individuals that shared in the same small-government and pro-liberty stances that make YAL so important in the fight for our ever-waning civil rights.

President Skyler Bowden and Preston Stone talking to some interested passersby

Hopefully some of them will join us in the coming weeks when we hope to hold a free speech event, to raise awareness about our university’s restrictive speech regulations. For now we are a small group of committed liberty-loving young Americans out spreading the message. We believe that with the wide appeal that the pro-liberty message garners we will see rapid growth in the near future.

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