Arming the Enemy

Everyone knows the feeling of having to pack up and move in a rush. Whether it is when you left for college, or just went to summer camp, there is always the feeling in the back of your mind that maybe I didn’t bring enough of X or perhaps I forgot to bring Y.

When this idea is shifted into the scope of military operations, the results have larger repercussions than having to go a day without socks. In a report from the Military Times, insurgent fighters in remote areas in Afghanistan are arming themselves with American weapons. Unlike the known policy of the US supporting anti-Iranian extremists, this support for insurgents is due to negligence on the part of our military.

According to the military officials, “they removed and accounted for their equipment.” However has the video above shows, the Afghan fighters are strapped to the teeth with US mines, ammo, and rockets. The best guesses are saying that these weapons are the result of the US forces having to move back from 2 outposts, following a change in strategy to occupying more population dense areas. 
This to me is the prime example of why war is waste of time, money, and lives. With Obama looking to send in more troops, how can we be sure more of this doesn’t happen again? The weapons shown here will be used on our own troops, which will prolong the fight, creating another self-fulfilling prophecy.  We supply the tools for violence to our “enemy,” resulting in the need for more troops which will result in more “missing supplies” creating more violence, generating a need for even more troops, and so on and so forth.
We need to stop this downward spiral of death and debt by breaking the supply chain at all points. Stop allowing weapons to fall in the hands of enemy fighters, but most of all, stop supplying these enemy fighters with targets to fire these weapons at. All this could be avoided if the White House and Congress would do the most effective thing to prevent the fog of war from creating situations like this. End the war and bring home the troops now.
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