Ashland University Involvement Fair

The involvement fair at the beginning of this semester was a complete success. Our table hosted a number reading materials, free books, merchandise, and a political compass quiz. I had the opportunity to have political conversations with many of the incoming freshmen while they took the quiz. It was nice to hear about what the students value because that allowed the members and I to address why liberty is the best way to promote those values in society. We were able to get many new sign ups from this event. One aspect of this event that made me particularly happy was the diversity of the students who signed up. Political science and history students are naturally interested in groups such as YAL, but a good number of our new recruits came from other disciplines, such as radio broadcast and mathematics. I think this is noteworthy because it shows that the principles of liberty are relevant everyone. Also, YAL, and the liberty movement in general, could benefit from having members who have different skills that they can use to promote liberty inside and outside of campus. I look forward to putting on the events that we have planned for this upcoming semester with this new team, and to talking with other students about the ideas of liberty.

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