Ashland University’s Incarceration Nation Event

We held our first activism event of the Spring, Incarceration Nation, on February 23rd, 2017 at Ashland University. I constructed the PVC pipe jail cell similar to the one used on the Incarceration Nation webpage. We didn’t reserve a table in the student center as we believed this event would operate better outside on our campus. We ran the event from 11 am to 3 pm outside of the student center, which is the most frequently traveled path for students on our campus.

Our chapter passed out pocket Constitutions, palm cards, bottle openers, stickers, and “how to talk to police” cards. I believe the “how to talk to police” cards worked real well for us as some of our members started to refer to them as get out of jail free cards. While we didn’t get a ton of signups our goal of promoting the message of Incarceration Nation was thoroughly accomplished. We added on 2 members to our chapter as a result of this event. Overall I believe this event was a solid activism event to start the Spring semester out and we plan on doing the Ax the Tax event next month. 

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