At least North Korea *tries* its prisoners

From the blog in its entirety and without unnecessary commentary from me:

So, Bill Clinton was able to gain the release of two American journalists who had been arrested some four months ago by the North Korean government for illegally entering that country. These journalists were tried, convicted, and sentenced to twelve years in prison, all within this four month period. Throughout, American politicians and the media portrayed the North Korean regime as oppressive – which it clearly is – even though it surrendered its victims in far shorter time than has the American government regarding the prisoners it holds at Guantanamo. The American regime has held a greater number of people without any charges being filed or trials being held, and for many years – not just months.

Perhaps with a Democratic president in Washington, and a Secretary of State with whom, presumably, he is still on speaking terms, Bill and his faithful erstwhile VP sidekick, Skippy, could take their prisoner rescue act to Cuba and endeavor to free those who are held without cause.

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