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Transform the Americas Essay Contest Awards
1st place: $1000
2nd place: $700
3rd place: $300

Entry Deadline:  July 21st
Description:  July 31, 2010 would have been Milton Friedman’s 98th birthday. Now, more than ever, we need his vision. To honor the impact he has had on Chile, and to help clarify his moral framework for freedom and free enterprise, The Transform the Americas Project will celebrate the Friedman Legacy for Freedom in partnership with The Foundation for Educational Choice by having the first Transform the Americas Essay Contest. The purpose of the contest is to recognize and encourage scholarship on Chile’s economic reforms as an example for the Americas.

We invite undergraduate students, recent graduates, and interns based in Washington DC to submit their essays on the following: 
In his book The Economic Transformation of Chile: A personal Account, Hernán Büchi states  that:  “…in  order  for  policies  to  be  successful  and  long  lasting,  they must  be comprehensive and sufficiently deep, and they must tackle  the fundamental economic questions.”  (Büchi,  introduction,  xxiii).    Taking  this  into consideration,  choose  from one of the following two topics:
  1. Why are Milton Friedman’s ideas still valid  today and how can they be used to promote  sound  economic  policies  in  a  North  or  South  American  country  as Chile had done? 
  2. Apply Freidman’s market-based solutions to a public issue in a North or South American country using the Chilean model as a successful example.
For official rules and further contest instruction, please visit the essay contest page located here.

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