Atlas Shrugged Marathon

Here at Harding University we wanted to do a fun event to start off the year right. So we decided to do an Atlas Shrugged Movie Marathon on September 2nd (Atlas Shrugged Day). We actually started the event the weekend before with a chalking campaign. We wrote “Who is John Galt?” all over campus with no other explanation. Throughout the week I would catch people talking about the chalking and smile to myself. Some people did know where it was from, but didn’t know why it was there. Thursday, we put up posters around school with the information of the event and had it added to the school announcements on Friday. We had 15 people show up on a Saturday afternoon at 4 to watch the movies with us. We provided food and drinks. It was a good time. We got some interest in the group after the event. It went over really well.


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