Atlas Shrugged: the Movie

It is not often that Hollywood makes a movie that promotes conservative or libertarian ideas, but it seems the movie industry is stepping up to the plate to make its first anti-bailout movie.

From the Hollywood Report:

Hollywood could soon be going Objectivist.

After decades in development hell, Ayn Rand’s capitalism-minded “Atlas Shrugged” is taking new steps toward the big screen — with one of the film world’s most prominent money men potentially at its center…Baldwin Entertainment project and could come aboard to finance with Lionsgate.

For many people in the liberty movement this is a must read book, and it could now be a must see movie.

A number of stars have expressed serious interest in playing the lead role of Taggart. Angelina Jolie previously had been reported as a candidate to play the strong female character, but the list is growing and now includes Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway.

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