AU YAL Enjoys “Deep Web”

On Tuesday, September 27th, American University YAL joined chapters from around the country for the screening of the film “Deep Web”, which described the website Silk Road and how the government likely overstepped constitutional measures to prosecute the site’s alleged manager. Americans for Prosperity kindly provided 9 pizzas to complement the screening. 

In particular, the film taught us why digital space needs to be protected in the realm of freedom of privacy, which has not been solidified as it is a relatively new field. The film had our members on the edge of their seats during the entire time, including all the way through the discussion with Lyn Ulbricht, which clarified questions that our attendees posted online.One of the most convincing arguments made in “Deep Web” was the statistical decrease in drug-trade violence as a result of internet encryption. When government stays out of our internet, we’re always better off.

We had a heavy turnout, with slightly over forty students in attendance. Students return to AU YAL on a recurrent basis for more discussion and camaraderie in the name of liberty.  Member Harry Kazenoff will give a student-led presentation on school choice next week. 

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