AU YAL goes to ISFLC

Last weekend, the American University chapter of YAL went to the largest gathering of liberty minded students in the country, the International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC). 
AU YAL after the Massie/Amash panel
ISFLC is complete with some of the top speakers and liberty activist from across the nation. On Friday all the members of the AU chapter met to listen to Thomas Massie and Justin Amash. The two were immediately torn on how libertarians should vote in the Presidential election. While both seemed generally dissatisfied with the leading candidates, Amash explained his support for Senator Ted Cruz. He explained that, while Cruz is not libertarian, he upholds many libertarian values and has demonstrated his anti-establishment bona fides.  Massie disagreed and explained that he still planed to vote for Rand Paul in the Kentucky caucuses. This conversation was a great discussion on the considerations many liberty leaning students are weighing during the 2016 election cycle. 
The AU YAL chapter was also able to attend a filming of Stossel. The episode discussed how libertarians should view the 2016 election and we heard a variety of opinions ranging from Pro-Trump to Pro-Bernie. One of our members, Annamarie Rienzi, was able to ask a question to a privacy advocate about the potential trade off between security and liberty. 

The AU YAL chapter had a great time at the conference and was able to deepen their understanding of libertarian principles by attending ISFLC.
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