AU YAL Hosts First Meeting of Spring Semester

This past week, American University YAL chapter held its first meeting of the spring semester. AU YAL’s Secretary Gabriel Benitez gave a presentation on one of the most controversial topics of the 2016 election cycle: immigration. Specifically, Benitez talked about the benefits of adopting a so-called “open border policy.”

AU YAL listens to Gabe present his case for open borders

The open border argument is well-known in many pro-liberty and libertarian circles, but has proven difficult to appeal in the mainstream political arena. To make his pitch, Benitez presented to the audience three arguments for open borders: liberty, equality, and utility. Benitez explained first the philosophical justifications for open borders, followed by an explanation of its moral reasoning. 

Gabe Benitez Makes the case for Open Borders

Before opening up to discussion, both Benitez and AU YAL President John Nagle gave the audience information on two very exciting opportunities. First, Nagle promoted YAL’s New Jersey State Convention as well as passed out flyers for the ISFLC. 

Finally, Nagle announced AU YAL’s spring speaker: notorious conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos! Once the crowd finally settled down from all these exciting announcements, Benitez wrapped up his presentation with his discussion questions.

Hopefully, future meetings will be as active as AU YAL’s first of the semester! 

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