AU YAL Spring Involvement Fair

The American University chapter of YAL participated in the university’s Spring Involvement Fair to promote the club and its ideals of liberty and freedom. We were excited to talk to students about the message of liberty and invited them to join the club and participate in a political quiz. Many were surprised to find that they landed very close to the “libertarian” end of the spectrum.

AU YAL Vice President, Daniel Rubino

After collecting contact information, we made sure to emphasize that the chapter is holding a meeting this Thursday, February 4. Our upcoming meeting will be the first of the semester, and the chapter is very excited to welcome students back to campus. The meeting will focus on immigration policy and the implications behind the various theories. We hope that there will be a great, lively discussion on this pressing issue.

AU YAL tabling at the Spring Involvement Fair

Lastly, the AU chapter will be hosting Greg Lukianoff. Mr. Lukianoff is the President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education – or FIRE – and whose organization has a long history of working with YAL. We are incredibly excited to host Mr. Lukianoff, and know that the event will be one to remember.

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