Auburn University Montgomery “Can We Take a Joke”

A lot of work went into the preparation of screening the film “Can We Take a Joke” at AUM. We first had to clear all of the red tape from the university concerning their film screening procedures. After that, the school warmed up and even offered to provide pizza for the event, which was awesome.
After dealing with the university, we then moved on to planning and preparation for the event. We received our kit from YAL in the mail around the time we began to spread the word about the film screening. During a recruitment drive with our state chair assisting, we began to build support for a screening. Then in the week leading up to the screening, we handed out leaflets for the film on the quad for a few hours a day.
Auburn University Montgomery "Can We Take a Joke"
The night of the screening was a huge success. We had a total of 19 in attendance that signed in, and of those that attended we spoke with 4 who were serious about signing up for YAL. The movie got several laughs from the crowd, and all who were in attendance seemed to enjoy the movie.
One thing we learned from the screening was that Auburn University Montgomery could still take a joke, as no one was offended by any of the material in the film. Overall, the event went well and we look forward to continuing to spread the message of liberty on our campus. 
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