Auburn University YAL at The Great Debate!

On April 18th 2018, we faced off against the College Republicans and the College Democrats in our first debate in three years. The issues debated were Abortion, War, and Criminal Justice Reform. Our representatives for the debate were former chapter president Daniel Bond and Vice President Troy Beckham.

As you can see we had our hands full in this debate. Along with a room that was very favorable towards the College Republicans, the College Democrats and College Republicans were in agreement against us on both war and the use of private prisons.

In the weeks leading up to the debate, we sold tickets for a raffle of the Gadsden flag to raise funds for future events.

By far this has been our most successful event, and all participants are in agreement that we should not let another three years pass before doing it again. It is our hope that this becomes a semesterly event, so that we can continue to spread the flame of liberty.


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