Auburn University YAL Challenges Student Partisanship with “Operation: Politically Homeless”

Title Sign

Above, our official sign for OPH.

The Auburn University chapter is at full throttle once again. We held our Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) event on the 31st of October and the 1st of November. The event consisted of a 10-question quiz with the simple goal of pointing you in the general direction that your political ideologies may lie. We timed the event well, considering the presidential election was close to fruition, and interest of the student body was at an all time high.

3 new activistsleadership

Above, Project Manager Holden Kincey proves his leadership capabilities by explaining the purpose of the political quiz and YAL’s intended message of Liberty.

There were countless attendees who came to see for themselves just where their score might lie on the political map. Dozens of our co-eds scored just the opposite of their proclaimed beliefs.

oph chart

Above, a self-proclaimed conservative scores, to her surprise, as a left leaning centrist.

There were many who scored liberal, who otherwise considered themselves conservatives; there were many scored conservative, who otherwise considered themselves liberal; there were few who scored statist, however none of them considered themselves statists; Yet, nothing quite compared to those who scored libertarian:

We scored literally a few hundred political quizzes over two days. For every person who scored libertarian or libertarian leaning, we gave them a free book (Economics in One Lesson, After the Welfare State, Marxism Unmasked, The Morality of Capitalism, The Economics of Freedom: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You, Pocket Constitutions, and Great Myths of the Great Depression).

At the end of the first day we ran out of all 40 books before the day was out. The next day we doubled the amount of books and managed to give away roughly half of them.


 Above left, a new found libertarian skims through the forward by Ron Paul and The Morality of Capitalism.
Above right,
one student takes our quiz while another other finds her spot on the political spectrum.

Together our chapter planned much to attract any who passed by. We revamped our table with a new tablecloth, new containers for our candy, new signs, and much more. We also were able to obtain a small puppy in order to attract more people to our table.

Below, Mika the Liberty Dog stands over-shadowed by all those who came to say hi to her.

Mika The Liberty Dog

We managed to obtain a few dozen new sign-ups for Young Americans for Liberty, many of which also signed up for the recently revitalized group, College libertarians (little “l” on purpose).

The College libertarians are mostly an intellectual club that is similar to Students for Liberty. They host an economics book club that reads economics books together and have discussions over the reading to help others understand the key concepts.

The future is looking bright for the liberty movement. Our generation is quickly awakening to the message of liberty. Inch by inch, step by step, person by person, we are spreading our ideals.

Liberty is far too precious for us not to be active.

libertarians winning
Above, a cloud of old and new libertarians cast their shadows over not just various political figures, but the past.

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” ~ George Washington

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