Auburn University YAL Is Publishing Our Own Free Speech Paper

The Leadership Institute (LI) has once again come to the assistance of the Auburn University YAL Chapter to bring a new wave of change to our campus: Auburn YAL will be starting an independent newspaper for Auburn’s campus. We will be publishing test editions for March, April, and May in order to prepare for the following Fall Semester. LI will generously supply us with a $750 activism grant dedicated to the paper’s success. Only once we establish a complete plan for the layout of the physical edition of the paper will we have access to the grant.

Above: Josiah Ryan opens a PowerPoint during training.

The Leadership Institute sent Josiah Ryan down to Auburn to provide us with a four-hour training session (the Student Publication Workshop). The training session, though long, was incredibly vital for the future success of our emerging newspaper team. This training consisted of virtually any and all conceivable and pertinent information regarding the establishment of our newspaper.

Our chapter managed to attract more than 10 people for the training session, and countless more who have since heard of the paper. We will soon be holding our own “micro-training” sessions that are based on LI’s to help new and interested members get on the same page.

Josiah was the perfect representative for LI to send to Auburn. He maintained the perfect balance of professionalism and an easygoing nature. These qualities are almost 100% guaranteed to garner the respect of most liberty-minded young people. He maintained consistent interaction with our members, kept the energy of the room light, and had a detailed answer for every question that popped up during the meeting. They also bought us all a pretty nice dinner for after the meeting — a great incentive.

Above: Josiah allotting time for answering questions.

With Josiah’s help, we brainstormed for paper name ideas, article design and requirements, staff recruitment for the paper, website design, and more. This workshop helped us create an extensive outline of the priority of our goals and how best to spend the money we will be supplied with.

Also, along with the physical paper’s March debut is the release of the newspaper website, where users can find the full articles, editorials, video interviews, and a link to the writer’s private URL.

An example of efficient spending: To find a good logo, we’re offering a $50 award for the winner of a contest for logo design. Many graphic designers will submit logos, so make sure the terms of the contest will let us retain ownership over all logos submitted. This way, we obtain potentially dozens of logo designs for the cost of $50. Using this method, we can also find graphic designers who might be willing to work for us to build their portfolio (this could also apply to web designers).

Change is coming faster than ever at Auburn’s campus. Fall 2013 will be the prime time for Auburn YAL to start the next phase of our “liberty domino effect”!


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