Auburn YAL and the “Big Event”

Every year, Auburn University SGA organizes a one-day, volunteer-fueled day of service to the community. Called the “Big Event,” this Saturday in March provides an opportunity for students to get involved with giving back to the community.

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Local residents and businesses put in requests to be listed as job sites, and on the day of the “Big Event,” teams of up to ten students are deployed to assist them with tasks such as planting trees, washing windows, and building fences. This is extremely beneficial, especially to the elderly and disabled who cannot complete these seemingly menial tasks on their own.

Laying pine straw

The Auburn University chapter of YAL organized two teams to participate this year, these volunteers had a lasting effect on the job site hosts and the community. One team was sent to a church. This team laid pine straw, picked up branches, and washed windows. The other team was sent to the home of an Auburn professor and his wife. This team cleaned windows, mowed the lawn, laid pine straw, fixed curtain rods, trimmed hedges, and tilled soil for a garden.

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As libertarians, voluntarism is at the heart of everything we do. This is why Auburn YAL participated in the “Big Event:” it was our choice to participate. No one should be forced into doing work that they don’t want to do; it should always be a choice to serve. 

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