Auburn YAL Chapter 2017 Spring Semester Recruitment Drive

With the arrival of another Spring semester, the Auburn YAL chapter once again hit the pavement for its semi-annual recruitment drive! The goals were simple: to drum up interest within the Auburn student body about YAL, and to allow the message of liberty to reach new ears.

Several of our new and returning members were able to turn out to help us in accomplishing our mission. On Tuesday and Wednesday, January 10-11, our chapter took its place among the numerous other student-led organizations and set up our booth in the student center. Within the first hour, we had already managed to garner the interest of many of our fellow Auburn students,

Whether they were drawn in by our large political quiz display, or simply out of sheer curiosity, almost every person with whom we spoke, upon hearing about our organization’s values and ideals, resonated strongly with the message of the chapter. Several were so interested in becoming involved that they asked about joining before we were even able to finish our standard pitch.

The prospect of potential new members is particularly exciting for us at the Auburn YAL chapter. It is our sincere hope that as the semester progresses, we are able to see our already thriving chapter continue to grow and prosper!

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