Auburn YAL goes from “Rags to Riches”

The Auburn YAL chapter is at it again!

We hosted our Rags or Riches activism event successfully. This time, our table was set up to appear more professional than ever before. We had book stands to prop up our literature, bungee cables for our banner, custom Auburn YAL literature (“Know Your Rights” flyers), and so much more.

Above: Auburn Chapter President, Forest Warren, discussing liberty to some new signups.

There were a great many who played the game that ended up signing our email list. Their guesses varied how you might expect. There were some who were capable of getting almost all of them correct, but most of those who attempted to place the nations in order got all of them wrong. We were sure to fully explain the placement of the United States over the past decade (a loss of 16 positions!), and intrigued a good portion of those who listened.


Top: Player Corey Spicer stands next to his flag placement before finding out the true order. Above: Project Leader, Holden Kincey, explaining the established essentials of the event to our chapter’s Vice President, Michael Boroden. Holden lead and executed the final development of the event.

We also were able to convince our V.P. of Student Affairs, Dr. Carrie, to play our game as he ran by us:


Our own chapter has been building in strength as the semester has progressed, and we had a full schedule of people tabling throughout the two days. We now host a handful of our most auspicious activists yet. They all have different aspirations, but we all share the same love for the end goal of the maximization of liberty for all.

One such example is newcomer Simon Gregg. Simon invested his time in our activism at this event for the first time ever. He is attempting to hold volunteer cleaning of our town that could range from street pickup and recycling to parking lot pickups.

Above: Simon Gregg with President Forest Warren showing us the new book he’s added to his reading list.

The upcoming AL state convention this April 6th is going to be full of fresh and ready liberty activists that are aching for direction!

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