Auburn YAL Recruitment ’11

Auburn University’s YAL finally has official status! And we have been welcomed with considerable support.

On the second week of classes, we set up our 40 ft national-debt-clock at the busiest intersection of the student concourse. We handed out lots of water bottles for everyone in the 94 degree heat, which had nifty YAL labels we had taped on them.

Afterwards, the message of YAL was represented nationally in the college headlines of USA TODAY, and we have also received attention on the editorial pages of the Auburn University newspaper, The Plainsman.

We also set up a 3 x 3 ft. Nolan chart and had over a hundred and fifty people take the world’s shortest political quiz.  Everybody seemed interested to see which candidate they fell in line with.
 We have four more new national due paying members with plenty more interested and 151 new contacts.

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