Audit the Fed (H.R. 459) goes to a vote tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24

The bill will be considered under a “suspension of the rules,” which means that supporters of Fed secrecy can add no amendments to water down the bill as they have with past audit efforts.

However, it also means we need two thirds of the House in order to win — not just a simple majority.

Already almost two thirds of the House has signed on as cosponsors, so an Audit the Fed victory is within reach if we ensure the bill sponsors cast the right vote and persuade additional representatives to support Fed transparency too.

Use this link to contact your representatives (and ask your families, friends, and followers to do the same) now.  Here’s the email I sent to my representative; feel free to copy it to send your own email.  For the second paragraph, be sure to check if they are or aren’t a cosponsor yet and modify the text as needed, and of course add your real name and location at the end.  I’d check the “require response” option on the House website if I were you (maybe it makes them more likely to read it?).

Dear Rep. _______ (& office),

I’m writing to ask that you vote in favor of Congressman Ron Paul’s H.R. 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011.

It looks like you’re not already a cosponsor (learn more and see a list of cosponsors here:, but there’s still time to cast your support behind this important measure.

The Federal Reserve plays a huge but largely unknown role in our economy.  The recession doesn’t seem to be getting much better, and a little transparency in the Fed’s manipulation of our money supply is long overdue.

Rasmussen polls have shown ( up to 80% support of a full audit of the Fed nationwide, which means it’s statistically likely that your constituents overwhelmingly support H.R. 459.  Please vote YES on this bill tomorrow.

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