Audit the Fed rally by YAL at University of Massachusetts Boston YAL

On September 23rd we held a rally at the Boston Commons calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve. The planning and preparation for this was more strenuous than expected, yet all the hard work paid off. Having started planning for this 2 months in advance, we were able to get 5 different speakers at the rally, including Libertarian NH State Representative Brandon Phinney, Libertarian candidate running for Congress Sam Racioppi, former president of Free State Project, Carla Gericke, and the inventor of email, Shiva Ayyadurai. Each of the speakers spoke about why we need to audit the Federal Reserve, it’s history, and how the scam functions. After listening to the speakers we marched to the Federal Reserve building with bullhorns and signs, a police escort led the way. We managed to attract a lot of attention as we walked through downtown Boston, everyone stopped and looked as we passed flyers and yelled chants like “audit the fed” or “it’s all scam.” We concluded at the Federal Reserve building where we all then went to UMass to attend our taxation is theft talk with Adam Kokesh.

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