Austin Petersen at Missouri State University

On Thursday February 9th, the chapter here at Missouri State University hosted Austin Petersen, former Libertarian presidential candidate, thelibertarianrepublic founder, and MSU alumnus!

Opening the doors at 6:30 we weren’t sure what the turnout was going to be; the Facebook event said it had reached 5000 people, and we had handed out over 300 flyers that week. At about 7:00 it was evident the turnout wasn’t quite what we hoped but still was a good deal of people, around 60-70! Petersen covered a wide range of topics, really focusing on the basics of libertarianism, many important issues of today, and how the philosophy should be applied to these issues. After about an hour of speaking we allowed a roughly 30-40 minute Q & A session in which very good questions were asked and very good answers were provided. 

After the fantastic speech Austin was kind enough to allow everyone to take pictures with him and chat for about 30 minutes. In that time, attendees not only spoke with Austin but with each other and about YAL. Turnout not only included students but many local libertarians. Along with that we were interviewed for our school newspaper and are being given a bigger space in it, so we have not only reached those who came but those who pick up the paper!

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