Author of Ron Paul hit piece exposed?

Ugh… Another day, another ugly smear against the Ron Paul/liberty movement, this time courtesy of Dana Goldstein, writing for “The Daily Beast.”

The clear point of Ms. Goldstein’s piece is that Paul movement is tainted by the “fringy” racism and general nuttiness of a few of our “associations.” How ironic that point becomes when one looks at what she wrote about the Rev. Wright situation. Though Goldstein thinks it’s fair to associate Ron Paul (and his whole movement) with the ideas of a few “birthers” he unknowingly meets in a C4L event, only a “racially-tinged,” promoter of “lies” would have considered President Obama and his campaign “un-American,” in response to the Rev. Wright “scandal.”

This comes in spite of the fact that Obama sat in the pews, for over a decade, of a preacher who described White America as the “US of KKK,” and proclaimed that we should pray, “God Damn America.” Both Wright and his congregation, whose cheers indicated their overwhelming enthusiasm for such sentiments, were clearly directly “associated” with Obama.

I don’t bring up the Wright “association” because I view it as relevant to the character and ideology of Obama and his movement.   I bring it up to exemplify the pathetically transparent hypocrisy of Goldstein’s smear piece. Every journalist is guilty of mistakes and inconsistencies, but this is a whopper of a double standard and an explanation is surely warranted. Until such an explanation (or better yet, an apology) is offered, we’ll have to assume Goldstein views petty tactics she scathingly criticized in the past as acceptable if applied to people with whom she disagrees.

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