Autumn Dragon Recruitment Drive – Drexel University

This past Friday, 7 October, marked the first quarterly YAL Dragon Recruitment Drive at Drexel University. The table was set up at the center of campus and right next to the symbol of the university, Mario the Magnificent. Recruitment began at one o’clock beneath a blue autumn sky, and the heavy student foot traffic in the area exposed some truly wonderful liberty-minded individuals until the event finally wound down and ended at six.

The table was hosted by chapter president and author of this post, Matt D’Angeli, and member Katie McInerney, both of whom were able to draw groups of people at a time just to listen to the common-sense ideals of liberty the American people so desire. There were many people who simply walked by or walked away, but those who stayed held a genuine interest in the topic of freedom in one way or another, and happily volunteered to learn more about what Young Americans for Liberty stands for, and support the establishment of the organization on campus.

In total, fifteen people participated in the political alignment quiz and indicated interest in the organization, and Vietnam veteran John Johnson also stopped by to thank the organization for keeping the Constitution at the center of its philosophies, saying that he believes “Governor Gary Johnson is the only candidate to have even looked at [the Constitution], let alone read it.”

A follow-up general body and interest meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 13 October, at 19:00, and invites to prospective members will be sent out before the end of the weekend.

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