“Avatar” in Regards to Iraq

What does the movie “Avatar” really say about the war in Iraq? 

Growing up I’ve tended to interpret things as either effrontery to Christianity, the opposite, or benign.  Nowadays I would describe my passions as more towards politics, economics, and philosophy.  However, when I saw James Cameron’s “Avatar,” I was impressed by the political extremism that spoke to my passions.  This movie was visually stunning and bravely outspoken against war.  “Avatar” articulated a point to the audience that will probably NOT be reduced to an accurate analogy.

I would say that Cameron’s analogy can be generalized as follows:

If soldiers invade a land for marketable resources, then the natives and surrounding populations have the right to defend themselves with force.

Furthermore, it is honorable for soldiers to turncoat on their chain of command and their fellow soldiers in order to defend a subjugated population.

Cameron’s analogy is much too ambiguous to extrapolate much more from the content of the film, but the anti-corporatist message is clear.  I enjoyed the film and the message thoroughly.  Others didn’t.  Of course we could forgo the discussion of whether or not violent actions for or against empire are justified if just we get rid of empire altogether.  Bring the troops home — we don’t need or want people dying to defend corporate interests.

What did you guys think the message behind the movie was?

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