Average statists aren’t evil.

Is statism evil? Absolutely, positively, and unexceptionably. As an anarcho-capitalist, I would go so far as to argue any state itself is intrinsically evil.

But I reserve a considerable amount of sympathy for the run-of-the-mill individual statist, certainly more than most of the libertarian folks on LewRockwell.com. By this, I don’t mean the narcissistic creeps running the government itself, but regular folks who don’t think much about politics, or if they do, don’t have the time or inclination to think outside of the carefully crafted MSNBC, NY Times, FOX News, Washington Post bubble.

If you’ll excuse the personal note, my “story” is a big reason why I feel this way. I had the luxury of growing up with  wonderful intellectual and moral influences. My grandfather, a top-flight architect working for the Egyptian government, saw the corruption and lies of the Egyptian state firsthand. My mother, the person whom I admire most, learned to despise war from an early age from her childhood memories of the Six-Day War. My father, born in a Nebraska farming town, meshes a strong work ethic and beautiful sense of compassion for all individuals similar to the “bleeding heart” free-market defense made by the gentle Ron Paul. All of these individuals contributed to my perception of liberty in their own unique way.

Yet despite all my advantages, I was unable to accept a consistent package of liberty for much of my teenage years. Indeed, I almost made a grave mistake that proved the depth of my ideological confusion.

Today, I am proud to call myself a libertarian anarchist, and feel no reservation or intellectual hesitancy in speaking out radically and unequivocally on behalf of this position. But my past experience reminds me (and I hope, all of you) that we should seek to convert, rather than personally condemn, those who haven’t yet come to liberty — even as we remind them that their political activity is wrong, confused, and acquiescing to great evil.

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