Awesome Protest Signs for Your Activism

Whether you’re protesting or just tabling, a good eye-catching sign is a must. Below are some signs that are creative, effective, eye-catching, and often hilarious. My favorites are the internet meme style signs (you can make your own memes on sites like MemeMaker). And you can make a sign as big as you want by using a regular home/office printer with 8×11 paper and free software called Posterazor (here is a video and a guide for how to use it). Of course, its better to be original — so comment with your own sign ideas!

NOTE: Some of these signs may advocate anti-liberty positions — neither I nor YAL endorse that message — these signs are shown only to inspire better pro-liberty signs.

The above sign would be much better if it was made into a meme and printed out (and if it were pro-liberty)

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