Awesome Tea Party Interviews on Larry King and Hardball

I caught these interviews on Larry King and Hardball and I have to say I was dumbfounded at how well the tea partiers conducted themselves.  I don’t know much about Dana Loesch (she may be a neocon on foreign policy, but these videos were only about the Tea Party rallies), but I thought she destroyed Chris Matthews on Hardball (as well as the Princeton political science professor also being interviewed).  She also was joined by Wayne Allen Root, the 2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee, on Larry King live and they superbly defended their points.

Both fought off the usual “racist” accusations, the idea that they promote the fall of government, and all that bullcrap.  In true form, Chris Matthews couldn’t resist to call nullification racist, the Tea Partiers were a bunch of secessionists, and he even implied that the south is still a largely racist area.

The Hardball interview is here.  And forgive the fact that the website where it’s hosted calls Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and other neocons “awesome” conservatives — it was the only place I could find an actual link to the video.

Lastly, for my own self-respect, I need to say I don’t support Sarah Palin.  I think the Tea Parties still say some good things about spending and unconstitutional government in regards to domestic policy, but I can’t stand that they allow Sarah Palin to be their unofficial spokesperson.

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