Ax the Tax at Alderson Broaddus University

On April 18 I was thrilled to execute my chapter’s first activism event as a recognized student organization on campus. Two members from my chapter joined me in putting on Ax the Tax. We set up a table outside the dining hall during the lunch hours and spread out our resources from our activism kit and made two high stacks of paper to represent the federal tax code.

We were able to engage several students in conversation about the complexity of the tax code and the inefficiency of the federal tax system. Students were also surprised to find out just what their tax dollars are being spent on. We got some sign-ups, and I look forward to our follow-up meeting. I think we are definitely developing a reputation on our small campus. A noteworthy observation was some of the responses we got when we approached students about the tax system. Some stated that they did not care about taxes while others were surprised by the code’s complexity because their parents take care of their taxes. It was also interesting just how many adults we engaged with throughout the event. Everything from cafeteria workers to college deans showed interest in our display. I even had the opportunity to engage in a high-level, intellectual conversation with an English professor of Russian decent about appropriate solutions for the tax system.

All-in-all, Ax the Tax was the event where our chapter made a name for itself around campus. We may not see a lot of immediate feedback, but we have planted a seed in students’ minds so that when they see us at the fall Organization Fair, they will remember our stacks of paper and our ideas about taxes. I am also very pleased with the amount of exposure our posts on Facebook got from the event. My post from the day of the event got almost 500 views-far more than any other post thus far. I look forward to the future of my chapter and the activism events we will pursue. Ax the TaxAx the TaxAx the Tax

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