Ax the Tax at Arizona State University

On April 3, 2017, Young Americans for Liberty at Arizone State University held its Ax the Tax activism event. It was an extraordinary event in which we at ASU got to show other students what “axing” the tax truly means, demonstrating to students just how complicated the United States tax code is and how much it takes away from the American people.

Taxation is when the government takes away what rightfully belongs to the individual by force and threatens to throw individuals in prisons if they do not comply to that system. President Calvin Coolidge stated that taxes should maintained as low as possible as to maintain what’s necessary for the public.

Tabling for this event and having discussions with students on campus walking by helped us illustrate to them the principles of liberty and freedom in regards to this issue. Low taxes are crucial to live in a capitalistic society – I say this because our follow up meeting was to host Professor Brian Ogstad of the Institute for Humane Studies for his “Only Option is Capitalism” talk.

I had met Dr. Ogstad over Facebook and I was really excited to have him speak to my YAL chapter. He had spoken to numerous other groups before and he is an expert on this issue. Dr. Ogstad had been really excited to speak to my group as well and I had begun planning for this extraordinary event. I wanted a resounding turnout and this YAL meeting got that-25 people. The biggest turnout all year.

I was very proud of this resounding accomplishment and his lecture was fantastic and a perfect way to follow up our “Ax the Tax” event. His lecture was thoroughly engaging and informative. My members learned a lot, especially of the horrors of communism and the history of how capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than other economic system. This event was a major success and one of YAL at ASU’s biggest accomplishments. I am very proud of my group for this event and what it will do in the future. 

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