Ax the Tax at Brescia University

Wednesday, April 19, Brescia University’s YAL Chapter held Ax the Tax. We did several things differently from our Spring Recruitment Drive. For one, we changed locations from our dining hall, where we would have been put into a more open, loud area where there was more than one way to avoid us, into one of our academic buildings. We had our table right next to the main entrance/exit, the main stairway, and the entrance to the main halls. This proved to be a huge benefit.

We weren’t able to get our hands on too much paper and nobody in our chapter had enough time to go out and buy paper, so we improvised. In another blog post on, I found a pdf of the US Tax Code in size 3 font. I printed this off a few times, gathered some magnifying glasses from around campus and used those instead. I kept about 3 copies with me at our table and set 3 in some other buildings on campus with an Ax the Tax sticker (provided in the Ax the Tax event kit) and a little flyer of sorts saying where our event was being held. Between our banner, the Ax the Tax poster, the blow up axe, and some others in our chapter being sure to reach out and talk to people as they walked by, we nearly doubled our chapter with 9 sign ups! We had a lot of good conversation and distributed a fair amount of literature as well, even to some people who weren’t quite ready to sign up yet.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that this event was immensely successful for my chapter. I’m working on getting our new sign ups registered and keeping in touch with those who wanted more information.

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