Ax the Tax at California State University Los Angeles

Another tax season has come and gone. Millions of American dollars have been stolen by our own government once again. And we’ve just handed it over each year, for the most part, without a fight. Now is the time to fight! At CSULA, YAL is ready to Ax the Tax! Our display got much attention, from students and professors alike. We displayed a poster with questions about the tax code, an ax to slay the tax code, and our money gear, along with signs and handouts stating who we are and what do.

It’s time to ax the 74,000-page-long tax code and come up with a much simpler reform. It’s time to keep our hard-earned money in our pockets… or wherever we want it to end up! It’s time to inform students about the extensive tax code and how much money is being taken from them by force and how they can help us make a change, for liberty! I would say this was a successful event, as we had the opportunity to talk to many students and inform them, not only about YAL, but also about the ideas of liberty!

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