Ax the Tax at Duquesne University

We held our Ax the Tax event on April 27th. Thanks to some primetime real estate in the middle of the student union we were able to converse with more students than we ever have for an activism event!

Two aspects of the afternoon stuck out in particular – the number of students who were totally on board with the notion that the tax code is an antiquated disaster and the small number of dissenters who were willing to engage in thoughtful and respectful discussion.

Not only were the conversations fruitful; the accompanying display and materials were a big hit too! Students were shocked by how large the tax code actually is, and they were amazed by the frustrating anecdotes described on the “dollar bill” handouts. Many students took multiple copies to share with their friends later on, which bodes well for the chapter’s growth. Overall, the event was a resounding success for the chapter. 

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